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We manufacture and distribute unique toys for kids all over the world.

Oscar Musical

We bring laughter and creativity to kids’ lives while teaching them how to play a musical instrument.

Your little cute children it's our happiness! this is why we at MiniArtis bring only stylish and innovative toys with full of love!

Kids drum set

Unique Musical Instruments

Oscar melody
MiniArtis Hand bells Set
MiniArtis Xylophone for Kids
MiniArtis Kids Bells
MiniArtis Electronic Drum Set
Oscar play music

We are here to give our children the right tools to help grow to be intelligent and kind.

MiniArtis specializes in musical instruments toys products we are committed to the journey of fun, developing art skills, and learning.
We strive to be a conductive element in your quest for optimal musician skills, that's why we offer ideally designed products and reliable customer support service.

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