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Wooden Blocks Puzzle 35 Pcs Tetra Tower Balance Stacking Board Game, Tangram Jigsaw Montessori Toys Team Building Blocks Family Games for Kids & Adults

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Type: Wooden Toys
    Elevate playtime with the ultimate 4 in 1 wooden blocks puzzle brain teasers—an STEM Montessori educational gift that offers versatile and vibrant engagement. This unique set includes animal wooden puzzle blocks, a wooden stacking balance, and a kid's easel drawing board—perfect for family games, parties, and travel. Ideal for both kids and adults, this wooden toy is a team-building tool that fosters creativity and critical thinking.
  • VERSATILE AND VIBRANT DESIGN: Dive into the captivating world of wooden puzzles for kids with our tetra tower balance stacking blocks game. This tangram jigsaw intelligence toy features colorful 3D Russian blocks on one side and a dry erase white board on the other—making it an ideal brain teaser tangram jigsaw for play. Seamlessly transition from brain-teasing challenges to artistic adventures, all in one space-saving unit.
  • TANGRAM JIGSAW INTELLIGENCE & CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Unlock boundless creativity and tangram jigsaw intelligence potential with this 35PCS tetra tower stacking building balance block game. The interactive STEM educational toy caters to both analytical minds and budding artists, providing hours of fun. Master the intricacies of wooden puzzle blocks and flip the board for artistic exploration on the drawing board side.
  • MONTESSORI-INSPIRED LEARNING FUN: Immerse your child in Montessori learning fun with this tetra tower, a fun balance stacking building blocks board game for kids. The wooden stacking balance and erase board inspire cognitive development through balancing and strategic thinking. Perfect for adults, friends, teams, classrooms, dorms, and family games, this set offers tactile satisfaction through stacking, arranging, and sketching.
  • DURABILITY AND SAFETY CRAFTED: Crafted with durability and safety in mind, these wooden toys ensure lasting enjoyment. Ideal for 2+ players, the stack attack game combines fun and education for both indoor and outdoor play. The balance of sturdiness and safety allows for carefree play for toddlers, kids, and puzzle enthusiasts alike.